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News of interest to the Colorado angler from various sources including
the Division of Wildlife and Denver Water. Plus fishing events of note throughout Colorado

Headline News -

  • Waterton Canyon Closing again - Feb 2 to May 15. Open on Sundays only. PRESS RELEASE
  • Ice Fishing Info - Places and Tourneys CLICK HERE
  • 28Oct 2015: Waterton to re-open on 30 Oct. See the press release from Denver Water HERE
  • Antero Reservoir closing on June 1, 2015 - info CLICK HERE
  • Antero Reservoir to be emptied Summer 2015 - info CLICK HERE
  • Upper portion of Arkansas River is now Gold Medal - see this page
  • Zebra Mussels and Boating:
    • Info from CO Parks and Wildlife on mandatory boat inspections Click here
  • Check Snowpack Levels
  • Private water access in South Park is now available for a rod fee of $25 to $50 per day. Six portions of Fourmile Creek
    and Tarryall Creek are available through a cooperative effort with Great Outdoors Colorado.
    More info and reservations are available online at

Headline News - Water Supply

Colorado streamflow
This map of the state of Colorado shows streamflows in real-time relative to long-term annual average streamflows for each reported station. It is a quick graphic way to see how current streamflows compare to averages for this time of year. Map produced and provided by the USGS
Colorado streamflow New record high for day
[color code for] 90th percentile
[color code for] 75th - 89th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 74th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] New record low for day
[color code for] Not ranked