Ice Fishing: Where to go?

by K. Christopherson

It's cold out - but you love it! Itching to go ice fishing.... here are some of the favorites of Colorado. Be sure to check on conditions before you go, making sure that the ice is ready and lake is open to ice anglers.

ice fishing colorado


  • Stagecoach Reservoir
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir - South Park
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park - South Park
  • Monument Lake - north of Colorado Springs
    • Warriors Ice Fishing Tournament Jan 20, 2018
    • More info CLICK HERE
  • Granby Reservoir, Grand Lake, Shadow Mtn Reservoir-
    • Grand Lake. 2018 Ice fishing contest Jan 26, 27, 28
    • more info
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir - South Park
  • Grand Lake - near Granby
  • Delaney Buttes Lakes - North Park
  • Blue Mesa Reservoir - west of Gunnison
  • Wolford Reservoir - near Kremmling
    • Tournament Feb 17 and 18, 2018
    • More info CLICK HERE
  • Tarryall Reservoir - South Park
  • Georgetown Lake - west of Denver
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir - South Park
  • Grand Lake - near Granby

State Parks with Ice Fishing:

For info and conditions, plus tournaments, for these areas, go to Each area has its own set of pages
  • Chatfield Reservoir - southwest Denver metro area
  • Cherry Creek Reservoir - southeast Denver metro area
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir - in South Park, west of Colorado Springs
  • Harvey Gap Reservoir - north of Rifle
  • Rifle Gap Reservoir - north of Rifle
  • Stagecoach Reservoir - southeast of Steamboat Springs
  • Steamboat Lake - north of Steamboat Springs
  • Vega State Park - south of Rifle

State Wildlife Areas with Ice Fishing:

For more info on these areas, go to CPW SWAs
  • Tarryall Reservoir - in South Park, south of Hwy 285, southeast of Fairplay
  • Lake John - in North Park, west of Walden
  • Delaney Buttes Lakes - in North Park, west of Walden

Other Areas-

Antero Reservoir

In South Park. More info, go to Denver Water

Aurora Reservoir

East of Aurora more info

Williams Fork Reservoir

East of Kremmling, south of Parshall more info

Wolford Mountain Reservoir

Located near Kremmling.   more info

Green Mountain Reservoir

South of Kremmling, north of Silverthorne on Hwy 9.

Taylor Reservoir

Located NE of Gunnison and NE of Almont


Colorado fishing map Click here to buy a topo maps for these areas. Maps are produced by National Geographic Maps