Our Privacy/Security Policy


Our privacy policy is very straightforward and can be simplified as follows:

  • Emails - when you email us, we use your email only to respond to you. When you supply your email to us for an online order, your email is only used to send you a receipt for your order, or to inform you of a question/problem/delay of your order. Your email address is not shared with anyone else or sold, etc.
  • Cookies - WE DON'T USE THEM. However, some cookies may be held by your computer or by Google.
  • Statistics - we keep only general statistics about how many visitors we are getting to the site and how many pages they view. We know nothing more about you except that you are a visitor, a statistic.
  • Our statistics, orders, questions-by-email are shared with no one outside of our small company (that's less than five people)


  • All orders placed through the online store, TroutGear.com, go through a secure server and a SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The orders are encrypted while they reside on the server and are even encrypted as we download them (double encryption). NO ONE has access to the orders except two of us. Once your order is downloaded (usually the same day you place it), all information is deleted permanently from the server.
  • There is no abuse of your credit card information. It is used only to pay for your order as placed through our online store. If for any reason your order cannot be filled, or only partially filled, you will be contacted. We do not keep any credit card information on file. It is destroyed immediately after payment is made.

Content and Copyright

  • All original material (photos and text) on our site is copyrighted. You may not use, grab, lift, borrow, or in any way copy or distribute our material without permission.
  • This pertains to original material in this website, written or created by us, or contributed by other authors, photographers, or readers.
  • All other materials (such as images that are not original by us) are copyrighted by the owning person/company/organization. We have obtained permission from them to use their material on our (this) website. You must obtain the same permission before using any such material on your website or other media.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or security of ordering through our online store, you can email Karen at krc@coloradofishing.net or phone us at 303-674-0252

Thanks for visiting our site!