Readers' Photos
Taylor Trout

submitted by Kevin Nervick and Dave McNeill

Kevin Nervick of Conifer Colorado sent us these photos. He says:

Now for a little braggin'. The relatives in Minnesota keep sayin, "Yeh, yeh, we here stories, but where's the proof of those BIG trout?" Friend Dave and I braved a snowstorm and slid (sometimes literally) over to Gunnison to fish the Taylor. I landed 15, Dave 12. Sent these to the Minnesota scoffers. This should shut 'em up.

Dave McNeill was the photographer and fishing partner that day (November 4th). The Rainbows I'm holding are each 22" long and, using the equation to estimate weight, weighed in at around 6 pounds. The Brown trout was a shade over 20" and weighed about 5.5 pounds. They sure felt heavier than that, though. All in all, a fantastic day on the Taylor.

Taylor River Colorado brown trout

Taylor River Colorado brown trout

Taylor River Colorado brown trout

Kevin's an OLD friend of the Colorado Fishing Network staff and a regular on the Virtual Flyshop's Rocky Mountain Bulletin board. Watch out for this ex-Minnesotan on the South Platte.

Resources/Other Info:

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